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Theatre On The Rocks is a SAUSOME collective of artists that have been together for over 15 years.  It began at a cast party after a production of OUR TOWN at Lower Ball State University in 1985.

Nellis and Paul "Lunchy" Shipp decided that they were being wasted in backstage roles; they made a pact over Prozac that they would make a difference.  They decide to gather their friends together, head out west, and try their hands at Sketch Comedy!

Nellis and Lunchy enlisted their friends Jerry "Balzac" Soules, "Sorry" Bob Dixon, and Joe "Zav" Zavadil  to move to Seattle, Washington. They had hopes of one day appearing on "Almost (Funny) Live!"

Loading up the Gremlin SuperWagon, the boys were aflutter with hopes and dreams.  Until they threw a rod in Xenia, Ohio.  As fate would have it, they took refuge in a Pet Store.  They encountered a strange pair of hippies,
Susan "Kunda" Stansbury
and Chris "Larry" Minniear. The two were attempting to liberate barn cats, but were side-tracked by shiny objects and Grateful Dead music.  When asked if they'd like to go to Seattle, Larry responded, "New shoes? Put 'em on me!"  Kunda kicked at the air and started spitting. Balzac took the wheel and drove off, as Kunda kept yelling "this is boo-shit!"

Three days, 18 cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and an amount of pseudo-ephedrine that could certainly have caused a meth-lab explosion, the group found themselves in Arizona.  Nellis, being the only person in the SuperWagon able to recognize that it was daylight, approached a local.

"Jeez.  What're you, 8 feet tall?"
The Tall Man responded, "Uh-huh." He was immediately assimilated.

They pulled into Seattle, Washington and settled down.  They weren't sure what would be in store for them, but they knew that several taverns were proud to offer Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap.

So here they stayed.

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